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“The entertainment business is a business of relationships and it is the lawyers who define the relationships,
so a good lawyer is critical to success. An attorney who really understands the business can be your best ally.”

- Keith E. Cooper, Esq.

What Sets Production Counsel Keith E. Cooper Apart?

Keith E. Cooper, Esq. is a recognized leader in providing legal services to entrepreneurs, particularly those in the independent film community and those who are creating new opportunities on the Internet. Mr. Cooper uses his knowledge, skill, and passion to help clients achieve their objectives while maintaining the highest level of ethics.

In addition to a full range of production counsel and business entity services, Keith E. Cooper provides services registering and protecting copyrights, trademarks, and Internet interests.  Mr. Cooper's practice does not provide litigation services of any kind.

Mr. Cooper's boutique law practice, with its focus on providing excellent client service to independent production companies, provides a desirable alternative to large law firms where only major brands can truly find a home. By operating in a virtual law practice environment, Mr. Cooper eliminates the high overhead of office space and full-time support staff, passing the savings on to his clients. Most legal work can be handled electronically via telephone, e-mail, and fax. Of course, Mr. Cooper is happy to arrange in-person meetings on request, either at the client's office or a mutually-convenient location.

Production Counsel Keith E. Cooper Can …

Get a quick consult on an entertainment law question Concierge Legal services offers ongoing production legal advice to producers, filmmakers, and business owners.