Keith E. Cooper, Esq., entertainment lawyer based in Los Angeles, CA.This blawg’s mission is to focus on legal issues of concern to producers, screenwriters, filmmakers, and those who represent them. Some posts are meant to be informative about basics of the law, while others provide commentary on current legal issues in the news.

Keith E. Cooper, Esq. is an attorney based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in business transactions in the entertainment industry, copyright, trademark, and Internet law. He is an expert in legal issues arising from motion picture and video production.

Mr. Cooper began his career as a writer, and has won a number of writing awards beginning when he was a teenager. He has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the prestigious University of Missouri School of Journalism and was a newspaper editor before embarking on a career in the entertainment industry. Later, he attended the University of Southern California Law School and is admitted to practice law in California and the District of Columbia.

This blog (or “blawg” as lawyers’ web logs are commonly called) reflects Mr. Cooper’s passions for writing and helping filmmakers avoid legal problems. In that same vein, he is featured in the DVD video and book series, “What Every Filmmaker Needs to Know About the Law.”

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