Free Initial Telephone Call

There is no charge for your first 5-10 minute phone call with Mr. Cooper to discuss your legal needs, how an attorney can help you, and the estimated cost. Please call (323) 786-8061.

Please understand that Mr. Cooper cannot give advice to non-clients, so you should not expect to receive answers to legal questions during this initial call.  If you want legal advice, please purchase a Quick Consult.

Flat Fee Services

Mr. Cooper offers affordable flat rates, payable before work begins, for certain services of a defined scope. Click a link below to find fees for specific services:

Hourly Fees

Keith E. Cooper offers legal services at an hourly rate where the scope of work can not be readily determined in advance. Such services might include strategizing with the client on possible courses of action in a business or legal matter, doing legal research, drafting communications, and interacting with third parties on the client’s behalf.

The current hourly rate is $210; a fee agreement and deposit are required. The amount of the deposit varies with the scope of work, but is typically a minimum of ten times the hourly rate.

Generally, hourly clients will save by subscribing to the Concierge Legal program, even for a short term.

No Deferred or Contingent Fees

Mr. Cooper’s fees are due and payable at the time services are rendered. He typically does not provide legal services on a contingent fee basis, where payment is calculated as a percentage of proceeds of a transaction.

In rare circumstances where a start-up business has already received a firm offer of payment in the form of a contract with a reputable source, Mr. Cooper may agree to review and negotiate the contract for a deferred payment, subject to certain restrictions. PLEASE NOTE, however, that such payment arrangements may be made only after Mr. Cooper has independently confirmed that the offering party is ready and able to proceed. If Mr. Cooper agrees to such arrangements, you must contractually authorize him to receive all contract payments on your behalf, deduct the amount owed him until he is paid in full, and remit the remaining balance to you.