Concierge Legal Retainer Terms & Conditions

Concierge Legal Retainers are monthly payments by an individual client to ensure Keith E. Cooper’s availability to the client via telephone and e-mail. The rate does not change as long as the client remains continuously subscribed.  Companies or partnerships may designate up to three representatives at the time of subscription who may have access to Mr. Cooper; an incremental add-on fee applies for each person after the first.

Concierge Legal Retainers are conveniently charged to your credit card as recurring PayPal Subscriptions and a PayPal account with a verified address is required. Your card is charged in advance each month on the same day as the day of the month the subscription began.

The Concierge Legal Retainer subscription includes:

  • Unmetered telephone consultations on legal or business questions.  As used here, “unmetered” means calls are not timed and there is no fixed limit on the number of calls. This should not be construed to mean unlimited telephone time. Concierge Legal allows for a reasonable number of telephone consultations from a single client in any given month during regular business hours, with an expected average of 15-30 minutes for each call. Length and scheduling of calls are, of course, subject to the attorney’s workload and availability. The total amount of telephone time available to an individual client is in Mr. Cooper’s sole discretion. Where the number of calls becomes excessive, a client may be suspended for the remainder of the month or terminated from the program with no refund of fees already paid.
  • Up to 12 E-mail exchanges per month with Mr. Cooper on legal or business questions.  In the case of company or partnership subscriptions, 4 additional exchanges are included for each additional person after the first (i.e., a 2-person subscription includes 16 Exchanges, a 3-person subscription includes 20 Exchanges).  The company or partnership may allocate the total number of Exchanges among its designated representatives however it chooses. Unused Exchanges may be carried forward for a maximum of three months, provided the subscription is uninterrupted. However, e-mails from non-subscribed client representatives or affiliates are always billed to a client at its Preferred Hourly Rate, regardless of the number of Exchanges unused in that month. As used here, an “Exchange” means an e-mailed question from the client and response from the attorney. Separate e-mails sent for clarification or sub-questions on the same subject included in the initial e-mail are considered part of the same Exchange. Subsequent e-mails on the same subject may be considered a new Exchange. E-mail Exchanges from a Concierge Legal client in excess of 12 in a given month are billed at $45 each, unless the client has a carryforward of unused exchanges from a prior month.
  • A limited amount of short document review (as e-mail attachments).  A “short document” is one that is three pages or less.  The number of short documents reviewed as part of the subscription in a given month may vary depending on attorney availability, in Mr. Cooper’s sole discretion.
  • A Preferred Hourly Rate of $185 per hour for all timed work accrued while the client is subscribed to the Concierge Legal Retainer program. This includes in-person meetings, legal research, document drafting, longer document review, and other types of work, except services that have already been discounted (such as pre-paid services and flat rate services). Only one discount applies per item billed; where more than one discount could be applied, the client is entitled to the greatest discount for that service.
  • Legal research necessary to answer questions is not included in the Concierge Legal subscription and is billed separately at the Preferred Hourly Rate.

All payments are due in advance of the period covered, become Mr. Cooper’s property when paid, and are non-refundable. Please be sure that the form of payment used within PayPal is kept current. If PayPal is not able to charge the client’s account on its renewal date, the subscription may be canceled or suspended until payment is made. Should the subscription be canceled, the client may re-enroll at the then-current rate, which may be higher than the current rate.  The Concierge Legal Retainer is for one individual client only, and only that person has access to Mr. Cooper for consultations. If the client is a company, only the company representatives (up to three) designated at the time of subscription may use the Concierge Legal program.  Company representatives after the first require an additional fee listed on the enrollment form. Consultations with Mr. Cooper for persons not named on the subscription are available as Quick Consults described elsewhere on this website.

Concierge Legal Retainer subscriptions may be canceled at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” button provided below, or within the client’s PayPal account, or upon written notice to Mr. Cooper received at least one business day prior to the date of next recurring charge. Cancellation is effective at the end of the monthly period, and no refunds are given for unused partial months.

Keith E. Cooper, Esq. reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time upon notice to existing clients and posting on this website.