Contract Review – Copyright – Trademark

Mr. Cooper offers certain services of a defined scope, such as simple document review, trademark registration, and copyright filings, at affordable flat rates payable before work begins.

  • Document Review & Comment, $59 per standard page.  Includes review of the document and telephone comments to client.  Does not include re-writing or editing document.  (For a discussion of matters in addition to document comments, an additional Quick Consult fee may apply). Note:  “Document” means any written material, such as contracts, letters, releases, promissory notes, and investment materials. “Page” means a standard 8½” × 11” sheet with minimum 1″ margins all around, standard spacing and 10-12 pt type size (approximately 300 words). A page with a much higher word count, a larger sheet size, smaller typefaces, or double-column composition counts as multiple pages. A page with signature blocks only or with only a few words of text is not counted.
  • Research and retrieval of documents from public records, $95 per inquiry + any government fees. Simple matters only; more complicated inquiries may be charged at hourly rate.
  • Copyright application for U.S. Copyright registration, $175 + filing fees.  Includes ½ hour phone consultation, all paperwork, and follow-up as needed.
  • Trademark application for U.S. Trademark, $395 per mark + filing fees.  Includes ½ hour phone consultation, preliminary trademark database search, all paperwork, responses to trademark office inquiries, and updates through Notice of Allowance (which can take 18 months or more). Fee is per mark, not per class, if client files in multiple classes. If application is filed as an “intent to use” or if the initial trademark application is rejected (except for attorney error), additional charges at the rate for Trademark Office Action will apply for additional filings.
  • Trademark Office Action, $150 per action + filing fees. Includes review and response to communications from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on existing filings or registrations, extensions of time to file, or statements of use for previously-filed Intent to Use applications.

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-paid fees are deemed earned when paid, and become the attorney’s property, but the client has the right to terminate the attorney-client relationship at any time. The client may be entitled to a refund of a portion of the fee if the agreed-upon legal services have not been completed at the time of termination.